Consider your University Choices before beginning the IB diploma

Consider your University Choices before beginning the IB diploma

The IB has - very happily - reported on three studies on the benefits associated with the Extended Article for university review. Those folks who've been associated with the IBDP for many years are not amazed - but were reassured - to get verification that the EE helps students to become more successful at university or college.

The newest survey - from Canada - reveals that the Expanded Article helps students to:

·         Gain knowledge of writing an extended essay

·         Become more positive in doing research essays

·         Gather and examine sources

·         Prepare for school level writing

·         Improve time-management

·         Understand formal academics styles

But, there are also a few lessons to be discovered from the studies. This short article looks at a few of these.

Correlations and causes

Firstly, the University or college of Virginia research demonstrated a positive relationship between EE marks and GPAs achieved in their first and last semesters with their undergraduate classes. This pulls our focus on the important lessons of distinguishing between correlations and causal links. Will it follow that reaching a good EE quality triggers students to progress marks in their college or university courses? It could, but additionally it is likely that various other actual factors lead to both good EE and school grades. I'm sure readers of the article can think what they could be.

But, even though a causative website link cannot be assumed, it is an acceptable hypothesis a student who evolves good research and writing skills because of their Extended Essay may then replicate those skills at college or university and that school grading favors students who can handle effective research and educational writing.


The UVA research included a study of 953 students - about 50% of whom have been through the IBDP. The study revealed interesting dissimilarities between IB students and the ones that had used AP lessons - not least that that past IB students thought better ready for college-level coursework concerning research than past AP students.

As IBDP students will appreciate using their ToK course, one of the difficulties of research within People Sciences is the fact of getting properly matched examples. The UVA record highlights that there have been variations between your two cohorts. The IB group experienced a higher percentage of women and of white/Caucasian students. The AP group experienced statistically superior SAT results. Could these variations have described why ex - IB students noticed convenient with university programs affecting research? I mistrust it.

All three studies also interviewed, or assemble focus sets of, students. The results were very interesting but how much can be deduced from test sizes like these? In addition, the students involved with these three studies were all participating in prestigious colleges. Do the huge benefits that they show make an application for students at lower-ranking corporations?

Choose a subject matter that you will find interesting and challenging

And in addition, the studies don't show 100% support for the Prolonged Article. Some students didn't appreciate it and tended to obtain a C. Other records were of students choosing a subject because they thought it might be easy. These students received fewer of the huge benefits from writing the EE.

If the IB had been developed in the 1960s, the EE was launched as a chance for students to check out their "passion". It really is worth students hanging out understanding their hobbies and the opportunities afforded by them. If you ask me, the best place to start is to think about the topic(s) you want to review at university. If you're thinking about learning Mathematics at college or university, write an article in Maths. It could be much easier to choose another topic, but colleges think it’s great when students have previously embarked on research in the self-control.

It's important that students get appropriate direction - and time - for matter selection.

Supervisor and its Role

The biggest grievance from previous IB students was with regards to support from other supervisors. The UK-based research highlights that undertaking research is challenging. The statement from Canada shows that students were most disappointed about insufficient supervisor support.

Lessons out of this already are underway. A recently available upgrade from the IB reviews that the modified EE Guide will expose new procedures to attempt to ensure better support for DP students. But, what you can do for current DP students?

Generally in most DP universities, students are anticipated to make significant improvement in their Prolonged Essays through the long getaway. This makes a whole lot of sense oftentimes though it can create significant complications for Group 4 in experimental EEs. But, before students are defined loose to carry out their research or even to collate their conclusions into a coherent educational essay, they want appropriate "tools". Research and Research Skills have to be taught along as time passes Management and Writing Skills.

In presenting support, is careful to be sure that it generally does not breach IB recommendations. The EE is a bit of work that must definitely be the student's own. As suggested above, successfully doing an EE offers that student an edge as it pertains to university or college. But, even the most gifted scholar can "get stuck". helps them to go onward and, to ensure that people aren't undermining the school's goals; a backup of the advice given is delivered to the student's institution.


The three research reviews collectively support the discussion that the Prolonged Article is superb in getting ready students for even more study at school. They claim that this is also true for students who choose a subject that likes and dislikes them and for many who have received direction/training in doing research, handling their time and writing an academics report. is one of the leading IB curriculum tuition provide in Dubai, UAE. We provide tuition for IB math, chemistry, physics, economics and business studies for SL & Hl level.

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