Planning for IB success

Planning for IB success

Dubai based, IB expert tutors from tells us how one can plan IB’s success. He is an expert and experienced IB teacher of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Business Studies in Dubai. Since it’s the beginning of the new session, it is quite a fun loving time. Old students come back from the vacations, whereas new students join the school. It is the time for great opportunities, to start afresh and make a great success. 

An IB student is required to be well organized for being successful in the exams. Whatever comes in your life has to be kept aside. Since the time period is only of two years, there are back to back school rituals that a student has to follow which includes things like locker decorating, making time table, color coding and more. Students need to think on how they can be more productive and efficient. To make your IB successful and the most of your IB’s year we have jotted down few handy tips below:

Organize your filing system

Subjects, papers and bags are one of the major challenges that an IB student faces.  He or she gets stuck between school and home. So to tackle this situation the best technique is to have a proper filing system. In this system you can make folder naming, archive set and current set.

Archive set can be kept at home and current set that holds latest subjects going on in the school can be kept with you. In this manner you can be organized, and will also not lose any paper. Since everything is kept chronologically, it would be very easy for a student to study at the end. A lot of time will be saved. Monthly reminders can also be out in your dairy and phone to keep you updated.

Organize your time

Organizing time at IB school is one of the most important challenges that a student faces. He or she is required to keep a balance between social life, studying and extracurricular activities. Family commitments, university applications, tutoring, CAS and school trips are also to be organized at the same time. The best thing what you can do at this state is to make a calendar and jot down every little thing that has to be done. You will realize that everything becomes quite easy to manage.

And finally, enjoy yourself!

Since New Year of the IB school has started, whether it’s your first year or the second one you need to enjoy it to the fullest. is one of the leading IB curriculum tuition provide in Dubai, UAE. We provide tuition for IB math, chemistry, physics, economics and business studies for SL & Hl level.

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