You can think these to put you out of your exam-stress

You can think these to put you out of your exam-stress

Every students go through the dilemma of anxiety as exam approaches. You will be discouraged often. When I was in my last exam of IB, I was very much doubting myself. I would end up asking series of melancholic questions to myself like- does all this matters or am I even good in this?
Anxiousness and nervousness is a normal attitude but sometimes repetitive doubt on yourself can harm you mentally. As IB exams are approaching, I thought of sharing few tips to keep yourself motivated:
IB is a domain in which I find my interest.
When you are in that phase of self-doubt when you question yourself for taking up IB in the first place, but then I try and remind myself of my own decision to opt IB over other courses.
This will take me to too many awesome destinations.
I can understand that being positive might be hard but think about the opportunities you will get. You can even think about those great universities and the experiences you will have. You can even remind yourself of all the great things you have learnt. You must tell yourself about the prestigious status of IB professionals.
You have learnt and enjoyed the course.
During these stressful days, everything becomes unwanted and I would remind myself of all the negativity. I would pull up myself and think about anything really interesting I have done. For example, I have very much enjoyed the history class on Russian Revolution. Thus, such enjoyable memories helped me to cope with my stress.
This summer will be the best.
To be honest, the one thing which helped me is the thought of exam-less summer and I can do everything I have been missing out. Everything indeed.
Even planning for fun things you are going to do with your friends after the exams will help you to cut down your negativity.
Simply the act of Planning for a vacation with friends calms me down.
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