IB Written Assignment

IB Written Assignment

The IB Written Assignment amounts to 25% of the complete IB English: Literature score

Based on translation work learnt in Part I of the IB Education, students are expected to prepare an IB Written Assignment which consists of a critical essay, inclusive of a reflective statement.

The IB Written Essay comprises of a Literary Essay with a word count of 1200 – 1500 words and a pertinent reflective statement with a word count of 300 – 400 words. The IB Written Assignment Topic is generated by the student and is under constant revision by the IB Mentor.

Overall, there are 4 stages involved in the creation of the written assignment:

Stage 1 – Oral Assessment:

The oral assessment involves group discussions in which students are expected to participate. In terms of assessment, the following cultural and contextual aspects may be explored:

  • How does the time and place of relevance to this work?
  • Which areas were easy to comprehend and what were the areas of difficulty when it came to social and cultural issues?
  • How were you able to relate these issues with your own work, culture and experiences?
  • What techniques did you find interesting?

Stage 2 - The Reflective Statement

This is a concise writing activity which is completed shortly after the interactive oral. Students are requested to submit their reflection on their perspective of the oral session. It is then proposed for evaluation with the reflective statement being similar to the final assignment. This section begs the answer to the question:

How did your understanding of the cultural and contextual aspect further mature through the oral session?

Stage 3 – Topic Development: Supervised Writing

To garner ideas from students, supervised writing is practices. On the basis of these ideas, students generate a topic and finally, the essay.

Stage 4 - The Essay Production

Students are expected to draft an essay with a range of 1,200–1,500 words on a literary part of one subject. The essay is written with guidance from teachers.

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