IGCSE Schools

IGCSE Schools

The IGCSE Board Curriculum is one of the most preferred educational systems in the UAE. There are several IGCSE Schools in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi, which offer IGCSE Classes in UAE. The IGCSE Education in UAE has great demand which is met with the availability of several IGCSE Programme Schools in Dubai, as well as other Emirates. Listed below are some of the best IGCSE schools in UAE and best UK curriculum schools in Dubai:

IGCSE Schools
1. Abu Dhabi International School
2. Al Ain English Speaking School
3. Al Ain Juniors School
4. Al Amana Private School
5. Al Ameen School
6. Al Ansar International School
7. Al Dhafra Private School
8. Al Dhafra Private School Al Ain
9. Al Diyafah High School
10. Al Fajr English International School
11. Al Maarifa Private School
12. Al Murooj Scientific Private School
13. Al Nahda National School Boys
14. Al Nahda National School Girls
15. Al Rawafed Private School
16. Al Rayyan National Private School
17. Al Resalah School
18. Al Salam Private School
19. Al Sanawbar School
20. Al Worood Academy
21. Arab Unity School
22. British International School
23. Cambridge High School
24. Cambridge High School
25. Cambridge International School
26. Deira International School
27. Dubai British School
28. Dubai Carmel School
29. Dubai College
30. Dubai English Speaking College
31. Dubai GEM School
32. Dulwich College
33. Dulwich College
34. Emirates International School Jumeirah
35. Emirates International School Meadows
36. Emirates Private School Sharjah
37. Grammar School Dubai
38. International Academic School
39. International Community School
40. Jumeirah Baccalaureate School
41. Liwa International School
42. Our Own English High School Fujairah
43. Oxford School
44. Pristine Private School
45. Providence English School
46. Queen International School
47. Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking School
48. Rawafed Private School
49. Regent International School
50. Repton School Dubai
51. School of Research Science
52. Sharjah British School
53. Sharjah British School
54. Sherwood Al Tawan School
55. St Marys School
56. Star Private School
57. The City International School
58. Victoria English School
59. Wesgreen International School
60. Westminster School

For more information regarding the top IGCSE Schools in UAE that will suit the requirements of you or your children, Tutors.ae can be contacted. Tutors.ae is one of the best IGCSE tutoring centers in Dubai offering IGCSE Tuitions for IGCSE curriculum in UAE.


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www.TUTORS.AE) (055-9564344) (Physics-Chemistry-Maths)Dubai Maths tutoring by Anil Khare. Teaching students from to...

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At Tutors.ae, we adhere to powerful principles that has helped our tuition center in Dubai gain accolades as one of the top tuition centers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman:

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Tutors.ae has top tutors across Dubai who are loyal to students that approach them so that they can deliver a personalized educational experience. Our team of certified tutors in Dubai is carefully selected based on skills and experience.

Tutors.ae promotes and maintains fruitful relations with our students and fosters an approachable environment to create an interactive learning session where students can clarify doubts and learn faster.

At Tutors.ae, our aim is to help students get to their goal of being top achievers in final exams and helping them realize their true potential.

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