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The language French is known as “Romance Language” that belongs to Indo-European family. There are around 220 million French speakers worldwide. About 45% of modern English is from French and so it is easy for you to take up French Language Course in Dubai and become a bilingual professional.

We have special French language course delivered by knowledgeable French tutors in Dubai.


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Course Details

Our French language learning program is designed in a customized way for people of different categories right from kids to adult based on their usage requirement. We deliver a communicative course with real time approach for day to day life. Our teaching methodologies in French classes will help you to communicate with native speakers and build professional and personal rapport. At the end of the session this program can bring immense confidence to handle French people and French learning atmosphere and culture in Dubai. We have also set a standard of a French School level at our center.

Course Overview

  • Elementary French – Teaches you the fundamentals of French language
  • Intermediate French – Helps students gain advanced skills in speaking, reading and writing in French Language
  • Conversational & Contemporary French – discussion, articles, novel reading, vocabulary and grammar
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What You Learn?

  • French pronunciation and reading (French Language School Level)
  • Basic vocabulary: For example, the basic needs like Food, garments, places, House and its parts, body parts, etc.
  • Near future and recent past tenses
  • Presentation of oneself or someone
  • Asking basic questions
  • Practical French classes

Who Can Enroll?

  • Non-French speakers
  • People who handle French based clientele
  • Those who have the passion for learning foreign languages
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