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Tutors.ae provides bespoke IB Consultancy for students who wish to pursue their IB education abroad. Countries such as UK, USA, Australia, EU, Canada, and New Zealand are the most desired locations for student migration.

Ensuring that the chosen course curriculum aligns with the professional and personal objects of students’ is a core aspect of the services we deliver. To help in the selection of the right IB course and IB schools and universities, our IB Educational Consultants provide consultative services after a detailed understanding of the students’ interests.

Being the providers of IB Tuitions, SAT Tuitions, AP Tuitions, AS & A Level Tuitions, O-Level Tuitions, IGCSE Tuitions, SAT Tuitions, IELTS Tuitions, TOEFL Tuitions, GMAT tuitions, and ACT Tuitions, our team of educational experts in Dubai are well-versed with the options students can go for whilst determining their course of preference.

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IB Assignment Writing Help

Dealing with your IB Assignments may seem daunting when you are juggling with multiple aspects of the IB school curriculum. Our expert team of IB assignment writers in Dubai at Tutors.ae provide IB assignment writing help in Dubai to help you complete your assignments before the fast approaching due dates. Our team of writers have expertise in IB SL assignment writing and IB HL assignment writing and deliver quality assignments which are bound to help you achieve high IB essay scores. At Tutors.ae we provide IB essay and assignments in accordance with the requirements of the IB teachers and curriculum. Whether it is your IB TOK essay, IB extended essay, IB IA math exploration essay, Tutors.ae has acquired a name for themselves as one of the best IB assignment writers in UAE.

IB Pros & Cons

Registering for challenging academic curriculums such as the IB curriculum is an indicator that you are prepared college level studies. This is why, many best colleges and universities abroad love seeing the IB classes on your transcripts. It is also beneficial to study IB curriculum in Dubai if you are planning to take admissions in international educational centers. Having good IB international scores plays an integral role during the admission process.

While the benefits of the IB education are many, every good thing comes with a few drawbacks. The IB coursework at some of the best IB schools in the world can turn to be a difficult feat to accomplish. The workload is incessant and IB assessments can take a toll. IB tests are also taken at two levels – IB SL tests and IB HL tests. To help students with their IB tests, IB assignments, IB essays and IB assessments, our best IB tutors in Dubai and IB assignment writers in UAE can be approached.

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IB Student Training

For students that belong to a non-IB curriculum, our IB student training at Tutors.ae creates customized pre-IB and mid-IB coaching programs in Dubai. Those students that also find difficulty in adapting to the IB course curriculum of year 1 would largely benefit from our IB coaching sessions.

Tutors.ae focuses on providing student-centric information and advice regarding the IB Diploma Programme in Dubai and Middle Years Programme. We work closely with the requirements stipulated by the IB Organization. We also offer students tips on how to complete their IB assignments on time, how to send in their IB applications to some of the best IB schools in the world as well as how to score good grades in IB exams.

IB Tutoring

It is a challenging task to cope up with stringent requirements of the IB curriculum. Students need to be dedicated towards timely completion their IB coursework and getting the necessary credits to advance further in the educational realm. IB students are usually working with a time crunch, and it is always recommended that they seek assistance from IB tutors in Dubai that have years of experience in tutoring IB students.

Our best IB experts in Dubai at Tutors.ae not only support students with their IB math tutoring, IB physics tutoring, IB chemistry tutoring, IB economics tutoring and IB business management tutoring, but also provide IB revision classes so that students have a chance to revisit components that they have studied throughout the year. We also understand student requirements and resolve any issues that they may face, starting from comprehending IB subject concepts to clarification of doubts. Our top IB tutors have garnered several years of experience and have gained reputation as best IB teachers in Dubai.

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IB Admission Application

IB application essays are unavoidable during the IB admission application process. Before you proceed further with writing an IB admission application, you need to research information regarding the admission procedures to assess your likeliness to become a part of the IB Program in Dubai. The IB admission application essay is different from a personal statement since there is not too much content required. What you write in the application essay for IB, however, needs to be grammatically correct and original.

At Tutors.ae, we provide IB admission application writing services that will help you decide if you are a right candidate as well as draft an excellent IB application essay that will surely get you into your desired academic institution. We are equipped with a team of best IB admission essay writers that are aware of the obligations of the IB admission process. We are proficient in guiding our students to triumph with numerous success stories

IB Abroad

IB programme schools are popular in foreign countries. The core IB curriculum remains constant throughout however, and comprises of:

  • IB extended essay –4,000 word essay based on a topic of students’ liking;
  • Theory of Knowledge (IB TOK essay) – IB course discovering the multidisciplinary scope of knowledge and promoting an awareness of other cultural points of view;
  • Creativity, action and service (IB Diploma CAS) – Requires students to accomplish 150 hours of co-curricular activities.

The IB Diploma Programme is exceptionally prevalent in European countries and best universities in Europe such as those in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland are pro IB curriculum. To help students gain admission in top IB universities in UK, Europe, US, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore students require best IB grades. Tutors.ae, one of the best IB tuition services in UAE provides individual IB tuition classes and group IB tuition classes to assist students in reaching their academic goals.

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IB Resources

Our team of best IB trainers in Dubai at Tutors.ae carefully review IB study resources across various platforms so that IB students in UAE gain access to best IB study material. Visitors who peruse this website can be assured that the IB resources they find on this website are accurate and relevant. We want to nurture our students and facilitate their growth so that they not only get good IB grades and receive their IB International Baccalaureate Diploma, but also become noble citizens.

Students who seek IB course resources which are in alignment with the IB syllabus in UAE can utilize a plethora of IB study notes, IB guides and IB course modules which are compiled by a team of top IB mentors in Dubai at Tutors.ae, one of the best IB tuition institutes in UAE.


The IB SL and IB HL courses cover a span of the two year IB Diploma Programme. The IB SL course curriculum and the IB HL course curriculum have similar core syllabus. The difference between IB HL and IB SL lies in the depth of the IB subjects which are taught.  The IB HL syllabus comprises of subjects which are studied in greater detail as compared to the IB SL syllabus which covers only the basic concepts of subjects.

Regardless of whether you have opted for the IB Diploma HL or the IB Diploma SL, our team of best IB tutors in Dubai provide both tuition for IB HL and tuition for IB SL. We are equipped with IB SL and HL notes, IB SL and HL guides, as well as IB SL and HL sample papers which students can use for their IB exam course prep.

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