Students who are planning to attempt their AP exams in Dubai at AP test centers or at AP schools have extensive coursework to review. It is recommended to prepare the AP exam review strategy so that you have an idea of how to revise your AP course material.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare a revision timeline for your AP exams:

  • Start by reviewing the course material that you have finished revising. Allot 15 minutes to assess what you have studied previously and revitalize your memory regularly. This is one of the proven strategies for effectual learning.
  • Embrace the new coursework that you are studying at present with a focus on your upcoming test. Keep in mind that what you have already learnt and have been tested for, you cannot forget so it is pointless to worry about the past. Whilst you work towards memorizing new material, keep a few minutes aside to prepare notes for your AP exam review. Make a note of the sections that you found difficulty in and attempt to handle these sections in your AP revision sessions.
  • Make use of the available revision papers available online. These papers are highly useful because you can break down the sections and find out the weightage that is given to each topic. You can also look up AP exam papers with answer keys, scoring structures as well as the material covered in exam papers.

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