IB Extended Essay Tips

How to Write an IB Extended Essay

How to Write an IB Extended Essay

The IB extended essay is a research based mini thesis with a word count of 4000 words, writing which is no walk in the park. It requires months of preparation in the form of research and thought. This blog focuses on the basics of writing an IB extended essay.

The first step is to choose your research question(RQ). Easy as it may seem, this is the step that requires a lot of thought and research. It would be helpful to choose your RQ based on a subject of interest so that the thesis might not seem like a tedious task for you that you would rather not do.

One of the main challenges is choosing an RQ that could be discussed while keeping within the word limit of 4000. A topic that is too specific might appear stretched when you try to fill up for the sake of word count. On the other hand, do not choose a topic that is too vast either because you might not be able to come to a valid conclusion within the word limit. Another concern is making sure that your chosen topic has enough information online or otherwise that you can access for your research. Other than online and in libraries, information on your topic can be found by discussing it with experts in the field.

More than just doing a whole lot of research and collecting a plethora of information, an IB extended essay is about proving how much of an understanding you have on the course concepts. At the end of the essay, it must be obvious that you have grasped the concepts well and are able to arrive at a logical conclusion.

The final thing to consider is if the topic will be of any help to you in future. A well written essay on an excellent topic could fetch you the opportunity to get into your preferred university program. Or it would help you in deciding your future course of study. At the end of the day, a work of passion speaks for itself. It would be infinitely helpful to be have some underlying motivation in order to produce that perfect essay.

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