Five pieces of advice from a lifelong IB learner

Pieces of Advice from a Long Island IB student

There are almost 442 million speakers of the Arabic language worldwide and it is the 5th most spoken language worldwide according to Arab News. It is the language of the Quran and the official language of Middle East is Arabic, and for a non-native, learning Arabic increases the chances of career growth as it will help him or her to understand the cultural norms and workplace ethics.

Here are my top Pieces of Advice from a Long Island IB student. I hope you find them helpful and also get a good idea of how to get through your first year at an institution of higher learning. In no particular order, here are the Five Pillars of Student Success. These are essential for your academic and personal success as a student of any age or level.

A – Be a team player. Team work is fundamental in all walks of life and is a must in higher education too. You will need to learn to work as a team with your peers and instructors. Your success will depend greatly on this aspect of your personality.

B – Be determined. This is perhaps the most important Pillar of Advice I can give you. You must be determined to succeed. Do not let setbacks or discouragement keep you from pursuing your dream. Keep your focus and determination. In most cases, a student who is determined does not give up easily and is able to achieve his goals.

C – Avoid procrastination. In every process there is a way to start and there is a way to finish. Make sure you select the right way. The five things to avoid include: not starting, not finishing, being too tired to continue, not having a clear plan and not understanding why something is not working.

D – Always do your best. This is perhaps the fifth pillar of A-B-C. Each assignment should be approached with both efficiency and diligence. A student who gives up before he/she has completed their assignment is not a suitable person to be an instructor. I would also add that in addition to efficiency, a good IB student should also be willing to be a model of diligence and commitment to their craft.

E – Enjoy life. A student’s life will rarely go according to plan. Enjoyment is vital to the growth of a person. The more joy that one can experience along the way, the more likely you are to persevere through the challenges of everyday life. Enjoy the knowledge that you are gaining from each assignment and from the class. You will make great strides forward if you can continue to have a positive attitude eve when things look difficult.

F – Be humble. Although this might seem rather obvious, many pupils try to prove themselves by becoming overly self-confident. You will succeed much better as a multifaceted individual who is willing to embrace a wide range of roles. A five piece of advice from a lifelong IB student would be to: be humble, seek out help, be willing to give, be persistent, be passionate, be willing to accept criticism constructively.

G – Get a hobby. This one might seem too simple to implement, but a student who values his or her learning will be happy to pick up a hobby such as painting or drawing. On the other hand, the fruits of your labor will show up immediately. A five piece of advice from a lifetime IB student would be to: get a hobby, do it well, and enjoy every minute of it.

H – Have faith in yourself. To make it through college and earn a degree takes years of hard work. A student who believes in himself and is not afraid to reach his or her goals will make it through life, whether it is pursuing a degree, finding a good job, or simply enjoying a fulfilling personal life. One of the best pieces of advice from a lifetime IB student is to: have faith in yourself. Do not give up.

J – Give well. The fifth of the five pieces of advice from a lifetime IB student is perhaps the most important. Students often become dissatisfied with what they are doing or with life in general when they don’t give themselves enough credit. They often procrastinate, delay, or get caught up in an unhealthy habit. When you do something well, you should feel good about it.

K – Keep your head held high. No matter what comes your way, keep your head held high. If your life is going well, then great. If it’s going poorly, then you should take action, learn from it, and then get back on track because you have the power to change your life.

All Arabs have a great affiliation with the Arabic language because it is their mother tongue. Knowing this language will also build your appetite to travel the entire Middle East and Africa without having a language barrier. The best online Arabic learning sessions for students in the Middle East are being provided by Thus, it will better your Arabic language grades and increase your chances of getting in good universities.

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