Qualities of a Good Tutor

Ever since you set foot in school, teachers or tutors accompany you throughout your academic journey. While teachers deliver their expertise in a subject area, tutors fill out the vacuum left during the learning phase. The need for good tutors arrives when students fail to get the support they require in a typical classroom. Amid the presence of several students, teachers often face time constraints to deal with the individual needs of students. Expert tutors provide all the support and guidance that a student feels lacking in the class. This is exactly why it is important to find the best tutor, especially for IB Tuitions Dubai or other highly competitive educational programs. Let’s explore some of the vital qualities of an effective tutor.

Expertise in curriculum

A good tutor has to be an expert in the curriculum. For instance, if you are looking for support for IB subjects then you should look for a tutor expert in IB curriculum rather than the one in general academics. A curriculum expert understands the requirement of the particular program and assists the students accordingly without losing track.

Effective Communication Skills

No tutor can be successful in guiding students without effective communication skills. Tutors must be able to communicate their knowledge and ideas to students and also be able to understand what the students want from them. They should be able to tailor their teaching style according to the needs of students and should adopt every verbal and visual aid possible for an interactive demonstration of their knowledge.


A good tutor is not just a knowledgeable person but also an empathetic and good listener. To develop empathy, it is necessary to have the patience to understand the concerns of students and present solutions accordingly. The reason why students hire a tutor is to get a tailored approach. This is why tutors must be patient with students to perfectly understand what they need in tutoring.


Not all students learn from the same approach. A good tutor keeps his/her approach flexible according to the needs of students. They should be able to make changes in their teaching style wherever necessary and try different techniques using the latest tools and resources.


The tutors sometime may have to go out of their way to help students. This is why they must have the passion to support the students. A person who is merely doing the job to earn money follows a laid-back approach. However, a person who is passionate about helping students and using their knowledge to educate others can prove to be more helpful. This is why a good tutor must be passionate about what he/she is doing.

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