Tips to write a Personal Statement

Tips to write a Personal Statement

Personal statement is probably the most crucial element of any university application. It is an extended essay about oneself for the course application. In 4000 characters you have to convince the university that you are the excellent applicant and they should select you immediately. Personal Statement (4000 characters) is your only chance so it should be the best.

Here are some tips to write an Outstanding Personal Statement:

  1. Brainstorm and plan what course you are opting for before starting your personal statement.
  2. Make a draft without a character counter
  3. Explain in detail the reason to study the course in the particular university.
  4. Provide all the evidence that states that you are the right individual and have knowledge regarding the course.
  5. Don’t be in rush, quality content is important.
  6. Mention that you are willing to face the weakness.
  7. Find the correct words and expressions.
  8. Concentrate on your strengths and skills
  9. Make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct.
  10. Avoid notifying hobbies, interest, famous quotes and phrases.
  11. Focus on opening sentence.
  12. Be accurate related to the information you provide.
  13. Read the Personal statement once you are done to find the mistake.
  14. Proof read your statement before submitting.
  15. Once submitted your university application wait for response.

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