Useful Tips for Facing IB Exams with confidence

Useful Tips for Facing IB Exams with confidence

Is your ward, daughter or son thinking to opt for IB exams? Are you tensed about how he or she is going to face the examination? In this situation ample number of factors plays a major role and some of these are school support mechanisms, personality of your ward, daughter or son, home environment and a lot more. We have found out some useful tips that can help your child to face the IB exams with confidence. Additionally, since “your ward, daughter or son”, is taking a lot of space, in this blog we have given your child a name i.e. “JACK”.

Here are some Useful Tips for Facing IB Exams with confidence:

  1. Start Early: It is very important to start early as it gives a lot of confidence. JACK should start revising early.
  2. Unlimited support: IB exams are tough but at the JACKe time it is believed that JACK can clear it. Unwavering belief has to be shown to your child. You should consider the following points:
  • Physical Support: Physical needs of JACK should be looked after very properly as the examination is nearby, revision has to be harder. You can make the environment around JACK comfortable, space has to be given, stationery items should be stocked and even fridge should be stocked. You should also encourage JACK to do regular exercise, get enough sleep, and eat healthy (avoid caffeine and sugary foods).
  • Emotional Support: Exams are quite stressful for few students which include JACK as well. It become tensioning as the results holds their future. In such cases emotional support of families and friends is required. There are two things: firstly you should believe in JACK and secondly, listen. You aren’t required to rush whenever JACK is stressed, the situation is absolutely normal, you should encourage him/her to face it and calm down. Advices shouldn’t be given rather space and time has to be offered. Thirdly, appreciation is to be shown. Results are not being focused on, efforts and hard work put in by JACK has to be looked into. Make him/her feel that you are proud about the massive development and mature behavior that he or she has shown up in that particular period.
  1. Understanding the work load: With strict deadlines JACK has to meet by the end of the course you should understand it. IB requires 20-30% of submission in the final grade. Apart from this completion of CAS is also required. Since JACK has to get good grades, it is important from him or her to realize that these deadlines are to be looked into very seriously. Outstanding support has to be given to JACK as there are internal assessments also. In such cases you should think about: Are there any commitments JACK has outside the school? Are there important? Can those be scaled out after IB exams?
  2. Look if JACK is too stressed: JACK is no exception where stress of IB exams is concerned. There are children who take up examinations very easily whereas there are some take too much of stress. You should be amongst those parents who can identify the stress signs. There are times when stress can be helpful as it gives you motivation and increases adrenaline levels and sometimes it is harmful also. Following are few signs of stress which can be easily visible in your child:

Self depressing comments: “Amin is much brighter than me”, “I know I’ll never pass”, etc

Addictive symptoms: increase in alcohol consumption and smoking

Emotional symptoms: panic attacks, tantrums, tears etc

Mental symptoms: nail biting, lack of interest and concentration.

If you see any of these signs then it is clear that JACK is very stresses and he or she requires emotional, mental and physical support. You need to calm him/her down and ask for relaxing. One of the best relaxation techniques is breathing. In fact you can do it with JACK.

  1. Support system: am child requires a lot of support for exams preparation which includes:

Teachers: If JACK knows that teachers are by her/his side, he or she will definitely perform better. Since every teacher is expert in his or her subject they can help JACK in the best possible way. They can help him in   solving particular issues thus making it easy for him or her to study.

Syllabus: Each subject guide is produced by IB. JACK should have copy of each of them. He or she should be accessing their important part which includes grading of assessments.

Notes: Ample of handouts and notes are given to JACK in the beginning of IB Diploma. JACK should see that notes are completed. Then it is to be recognized that how they should be studied, certain revision techniques should be followed and also the notes can be complied into mnemonics, bullet points, diagrams, mind maps etc.

Textbooks: IB textbooks are available in wide range but in some institutions teaching is done with non IB books. In such cases, these books hold less significance. It is recommended to use revision guides in the final stages and not the textbooks.

Past papers and mark schemes: JACK should know about marking schemes and past papers as they are very useful. But also, he or she should properly look into the changes made in the latest IB syllabus. JACK’s school can have an access to multiple papers in various regions and examination sessions. Rules of the paper should be known by JACK.

Revision advice: Nobody is prepared till the last day of examination but revision is a must. Apart from what JACK’s school is providing, topics for revision can be looked online also and two best examples are Skills4study and BBC. These websites have best of the IB papers that have proven to be very useful. Universities like Manchester, Worcester, Southampton, Loughborough, Brunel have given paper son these websites.

Study Buddies: Many children are comfortable in group studies whereas some like to study alone. In such case you should see what JACK prefers. When children study together they can boost each other’s morale, thus supporting each other in many aspects.

Parents and family: You are JACK’s support system. Since IB is a very tough examination, it is known as one of the most respected academic programme. You need to support him to face this challenge fearlessly. Deal with JACK very patiently; give him or her lot of support and love.

Celebrate the achievement

Once JACK’s examination is over, you need to celebrate it. Recognize his achievements, look into the difficult path is gone through and then enjoy the outcome. provide IB expert tutors in Dubai for Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and Business Studies. We believe that through a customized group tutoring experience, every student can gain the confidence and motivation needed to succeed. Our online facility is your essential writing consultant to help you create the winning essays you need. To know more about our services call us at 055-9564344 or leave an inquiry at

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