IB Biology – Is it your Science?

IB Biology – Is it your Science?

Have you chosen Biology for your IB Diploma Programme? If you have chosen Biology at either HL or SL level, you know how the IB syllabus revolves around the subject’s understanding, application and skills. From Cell Biology to Ecology, the topics vary enormously.

IB Biology is stimulating, college-level biology, so sometimes you will need a little more study help than what your class notes provide. With tests being canceled and coursework deadlines being extended due to COVID -19, it is important that you do not lose track of the syllabus and put this subject in a backseat.
If you have chosen IB Biology, here are a few things that we want you to keep in mind –

1. Ignoring concepts that you “don’t really get” – If there are certain areas in Biology that you do not understand, seek help through online resources or tutoring support from Tutors.ae- Division of Amourion Group
2. Visualization – An easy way to master Biology HL/SL is by visualizing topics that you are studying – be it the molecular interactions or the physiological mechanisms. Visualization boosts your memorization skills to a higher level.
3. Concision is the key – Make quick notes or flash cards and highlight important points for rapid revision on the go. Group studies might be be efficient if you have missed things others in the group know.
4. Maintain a journal – Write the topics you are done studying, topics that were difficult, topics that were easy to grasp, and topics that you MUST review again.
5. Stay attentive – You cannot master IB Biology if you let it slide under the carpet for most part of your year. Build your appetite for the subject, become aware, and be alert of the topics and their strategies to go about.
6. Studying a night before the exam (NOT) – To be honest, this never works for IB subjects, especially Biology. There’s just too much study material that you will not be able to cram in even in a couple of weeks. So, plan out your calendar in a way that ensures a panic-free exam.

IB Biology is a different ball-game altogether. The more you stick to reading and practicing it, the better your understanding of the subject gets. If you need academic support , or writing support with IA, TOK, or EE, let the best training institute in Dubai – Tutors.ae help you out.

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