Mastering the Math – IB Style

Mastering the Math – IB Style

One of the primary aspects of your college application is what classes you choose to take in high school and how well your grades are in those respective subjects. IB Math is intimidating at both Standard Level and Higher Level. These are the two tough classes in IB Diploma Programme curriculum, so the need for a little help from IB mentors outside of school shouldn’t come as a surprise.

It is difficult to get all study resources under one roof but the IB experts at will provide you with both materials online and offline, past papers, assignments, mock tests, and so on. These subject-wise notes help you find your topics faster and have both long and short explanation or summaries covering a topic.

Following is a couple of things that you are NOT expected to do –

  1. Ignoring the material you do not understand – If the notes given at school are not being comprehensive enough, look for study supplements outside. Or, if you do not understand some notes, remedial tutoring support from IB Math teachers outside of school can boost your understanding of the subject.
  2. Studying right before the test – Who does that at a diploma level? Your coursework for SL is to be completed in 140 hours and HL in 182 hours at school, there is no way you are going to let your brain be under pressure of completing all that coursework in a couple of days before the test.

No matter what ways of studying you opt, do not lag at learning. Do not skip lessons and definitely do not miss revision sessions. And an easy way to keep track of all that you have studied and are planning to study is to maintain notes. Make excellent and informative notes so that it is easier for you to memorise later. Note-taking is valuable because it is an active way of studying; it helps you to keep your mind on your work and it prevents you from day-dreaming. Keep revising the definitions, formulae, theorems, and the other essential fundamentals. Last but not the least, practice the past exam papers. It will help you understand the type of questions asked and the marking scheme behind them.

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